Monday, August 10, 2009

14.... 14 Auction is closed. THANK YOU, Bidders!!

Whew again! That was a close one, with bids coming in right down to the last thirty seconds!! NEVER been that close before.
So, to the high bidders: please consider using the "Make a Donation" button to pay using paypal. If you'd rather pay another way, that's fine too.. just email me and we'll figure it out.

And thanks again everyone!!


(Hi Kids! Last day for this auction! Auction will close tonight at 10pm Pacific Daylight time. That's 11pm Mountain, 9pm Alaska, 12pm Central, 1am tomorrow Eastern. We are at GMT-7, England is GMT+1 Australia (Victoria) is GMT+10. Can you tell I've been playing with Cool site!)

(click on image for a larger WAY more detailed view)

WHEW!! I've been busy. Playing hooky from house painting (don't tell Karol, ok?)

Anyways, here are a bunch of hooks that have been a LONG time in the making. So to not get in alot more trouble with the hooky playing, I'll get right to them. Lets start from the top.

The very top hook, we'll call hook #1 is THE most unique hook I've made to date. Its has almost a Boye style hook, meaning it's NOT in-line. The throat is tapered but (ulike real Boyes)the hook head isn't a wee bit larger than the shank (if I make another I'll try harder to do an authentic Boye style). Its made of Bloodwood, a really dark and beautiful, dense wood, has flats on both side and is 7 inches long and if I'm measuring right, thats 17.7cm. Size: H (5mm)

Next down and starting from the left is a six hook set of Beech hooks (hooks 2 - 7). Never made a Beech hook before but this is summer and hay, wouldn't you like to be on the Beach right now? heh Ok Beech is a really nice hardwood that used alot for tool handles. Nice light but hard wood... and handsome too (I'd say pretty but Beech is a kind of manly wood). They're all close to the same length.. in the 7 1/2 inch range (19cm). Sizes? From left to right in the group.. Hook #2 is a Q (16mm); Hook #3 is (15.5mm)((fits in the P hole of my Bates size gauge)); Hook #4 is a N (15mm); Hook # 5 is an L (8mm); Hook #6 is a K (6.5mm); Hook #7 a G (4mm). All of these hooks are pointy so I call them slip stitch hooks. Ever see a set of slip stitch hooks before?

Now, Hook #8 is made of Thunder Plum, a really pretty wood that came from an ornamental shade tree. Its a size 7 (4.5mm) that's 7 1/4 inches long (18.3cm). Beautiful wood and a very large thumb rest.

Hook #9 is made from BEAUTIFUL Marblewood. What size should a Marblewood hook be? Why an M of course (9mm). This gorgeous hunk of wood is build for M hooking comfort, and is 7 1/2 inches long (19cm) MMMM

Next is Hook #10 which is an amazingly figured Redheart I (5.5mm) that's 7 1/2 inches long (19cm) with grain figure that'll surprise you at is variety.

Hook #11 is another Redheart beauty. Redheart is SUCH a pretty wood, only this one's a J(6mm) 7 1/2 inches long (19cm)

Hook #12 is an Egg Hook! Its Cherry wood and an H (5mm), 4 5/8 inches long (11.7cm), and the bulb is 1 1/4 inches in diameter (3.2cm).

Toward the bottom is lucky Hook #13... is one of the FARA Chophooks. No need to bid on this one, just email me your order offering $10.00 or more per hook and the whole $$ will go to finding a treatment or cure for Friedreich's Ataxia! These hooks are square in the shank area but measure out to be about a K sizewise (6.5mm) and vary in length. I've made lots of these so you can order as many as you'd like and be helping a very worthy cause as well!

And last and REALLY unique to the Jimbo line is Hook #14. This hook is another newby for me... a double ended 19mm (an S) Cherry that's 8 1/2 inches long (21.5cm). All you double ended hookers rejoice!


Ok! Let the bidding begin! Lets run this auction till Aug. 19 and close on that evening at 10pm Pacific Std time. Please bid in $5 increments if you would.. makes things more fair to those in remote time zones when the deadline looms close.

Also I'll do this too. I'll make a category for the set of Beech Wood hooks (all 6 of them) for those who'd like a set. I'll also take bids on the individual hooks, so whichever total is more will get the hook/hooks. If the set bid is higher than the total bids for all six individual hooks, the bidder for the set will get all six hooks) OK?

As usual, you can email bids with $5.00 raise minimums please, to me at:

Oh, and for any new bidders: I try to post bids as they come in. I'm not here ALL the time though so if you bid and it doesn't show up right away, not to worry. Your bid will be posted as soon as Jimboly possible.

And away we go!


Beech Hook Set:
PLEASE NOTE: To buy the set, the highest bid for the set (hooks 2-7 only) must be more than the total amount bid on the individual hooks (2-7). Therefore, even if you are the high bidder on an individual hook in the set, you can loose to a high bid for the whole set. The rest of the hooks (hook #1 and 8-14 are not part of the set so bids on those can go as usual) Hope that's not too confusing. If so please email me.. we'll figger it out.

Jane bids $20 for the set.
set bid is now to $70 (total of Robin's bids)
Tracey raises to $75 for the set
Looks like the set bids are in the lead! Robin goes $85
Tracey goes to $90
Robin raises it to $100!
Undaunted, Tracey goes to $105
Robin raise to $110
Tracey to $115

Hook #1
Jane goes $10
Robin ups it to $20
$25 from Mary
Denise goes to $35

Hook #2
Robin: $10

Hook #3
Robin: $10

Hook #4
Robin: $10
Serina: $15

Hook #5
Robin: $10

Hook #6
Robin: $10

Hook #7
Jane with $10
Kathryn goes to $15
Robin here too with $20

Hook #8
Jane again $10
Shannon goes $20
Beth raises to $30

Hook #9
Janet goes $10
Denise bumps it up to $15
Robin goes to $20
Tracey ups it to $25

Hook #10
Lolly starts us with $10
Robin with $15
Lolly raises it to $20
Serena goes to $25
Robin to 30

Hook #11
Lolly here again with $10
Robin again: $15
Lolly goes to $20
Jenny raises to $25
Lolly here again with $30
Robin 35

Hook #12
Denise goes $20
Robin: $25
Denise with a big bump to $40

Hook #13 (remember this is the FARA Chophook and you needn't bid.. but please email me about your order. Order one or lots!
Bless her heart, Denise ordered a chophook!

Hook #14
Sherri goes $5
Robin with $10
Tracey bumps it to $15

And thanks again for dropping by! Stay awhile. Kick your shoes off. Make yourself at home.


Oh and an afterthought. If you're interested in the Beechwood set or an individual beechwood hook... but don't want the pointy, slipstitch head, I will change the head shape for you... no extra charge.

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