Thursday, July 30, 2009

Auction's over! Thanks AnaMaria!

(click image for bigger than life detail)

So I made this first ever Bocote Jimbo hook while playing hookey (heh) from painting the house. I dropped by one of my woodworking hangouts the other day and saw this really striking grain chunk that seemed to have Crochet Hook written all over it. So i bought it, took it home and you see what evolved. Amazing grain eh? The I's have it. That's right, its an I on the Bates size gauge. See the thumbrest on the bottom side? Six and a half inches of amazingly beautiful wood.
Now I knew about Bocote, but frankly, didn't give it much thought because well I'm not sure why. Could be because it's abit pricey and I'm "frugle"? No, I'm not really sure. Maybe it was because it looks like it might be splintery. Well it isn't. FAR from it. It works VERY well. Its VERY hard.... not as hard as Ebony, but harder than Hickory (and Hickory is HARD). And it has a really strikingly beautiful grain. Nice to have Mom Nature do the artwork.
Bocote is grown south of the border, down Mexico way, but I really wisht it grew up on the crick.
So what do we do with such a hook? Hmmm. I certainly don't want to detract from my FARA fundraising goals.
Tell you what. I'll donate half of the winning bid to FARA, and to sweeten the pot even more, I'll throw two chophooks into the box for the high bidder. So when you think about bidding, think FARA too, and how you'll not be getting a beautiful hook, and helping with Jimbo's porch fund, but you'll be helping researchers find a cure for Friedreich's Ataxia!! How's that?

So the details. Lets make this a little quicker auction since there's only one hook on the block. How about closing on Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 10pm Pacific Std Time?

Please send bids (with $5.00 minimum raises) to me at:

Oh...and to complicate things (sorry) I'll be heading to the crick to pick huckleberries, watch the Grandbabies play, and maybe stack some rocks today and won't be back till Monday. I'll post any bids that come in between now and when I leave but after that, we'll have to wait to see what's in the email when I get back and post then.

Thanks again for dropping by!

Oh and bytheway... I had a request for permission to use the "average" sunset photo in the post below this one. I really appreciate folks asking and am very happy to say yes to those who do (for personal not for reprint use that is). It's really great to see respect for copyrights.


AnaMaria starts with a generous $50

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