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Three from the tree ST. Pat's AUCTION OVER!!

Thanks to all who bid!! Close on on the greenie eh?? AND some good buys were had as well!

So.... High bidders, please use the "make a donation" button for Pay Pal, or contact me for other payment arrangements.

More to come.... stay tuned.... HUGE HUGE announcement coming in a couple days!!! I'm so excited I can hardly type!!! So PLEASE come back and see the good news!!! Tell your friends!

And thanks for dropping by!!

and looking at the other side of the middle hook AND a belated St. Patrick's day hook, we have:

(sorry, couldn't get the lighting right so the color comparison between top and bottom pictures are a little different.. but we're close.)

Told you I'd have something new? Well here it is, and a couple extra too. The new one is the bottom hook that I'm holding in my grubby stained and scarred hand. But I'm holding it so you get the idea of how the indents are placed along the handle. They're made so there's a cozy large diameter grip surface for your pinkie and ring finger. Middle finger fits well in the flare between the hook shank and the handle, and the thumb and forefinger are free to roam around the hook shank and head, doing whatever they please. Such an easy and painless hook to hold. You MIGHT not want to put it down! Its made of Deadman Crick Bush Maple, is 5 inches long and a snug M, loose N (9.5mm), a unique size for a unique hook. Bet it would be great for rugs.

The other two are pretty amazing as well.

The middle hook is one that I almost gave up on, but the more I looked at the grain, the more I fell for it. So I filled the cracks and watched it for a couple weeks to see that they didn't open further. They didn't. So here it is. I really should have taken a picture of the back side of this one too cause it's really REALLY pretty as well with some bark exposed. Its made of Black Locust from next door and fits my hand like a glove at 7 1/4 inches long. Oh and its an L. I've edited the post to show you the back side of this extraordinary hook, including that filled crack.

The top hook is a brand new wood for me. Well not a new wood, but a new treatment of an old wood. The wood is bird's-eye maple. Usually bird's eye is a very light color, creamy maybe. Not this one. This is called "smoked" maple and it's just that, smoked. Don't know how they do it, but the wood is a smokey color all the way through. It even has a faint smokey aroma that makes me want to go sit by the campfire and daydream. Beautiful, VERY lightweight but strong hook! Amazement guaranteed. This is an H size (5mm) and is 6 1/2 inches long.

AND this just in.... I wanted to make this hook and have it posted for St. Patrick's day, but didn't know enough about the wood, so my timing was off. See what happens is this wood (Vera Wood) had interesting grain color. When I got the blank, it was a pretty Irish green... the only wood i've ever seen that has a natural green color when cured. Anyways after turning this ultra hard wood, (and more tool sharpening), the color was a sort of greenish brown. Took several days in the sunlight for it to turn back to green and by that time it was well past St. Patricks day. Fine thing eh? Anyways, Vera Wood is from the Lignum Vitae family, the hardest woods known. But this wood has other things going for it. The first you see.. its a really pretty green color. The second you don't see, and that's the aroma of the wood. It has a flowery sweet smell that permeated my shop area while turning the hook, and it's still very evident in the hook. In fact its said that Vera Wood has medicinal properties and that tea is made from it's wood chips. Interesting stuff eh? AND you know what else? The wood has is self waxing. There's no finish on this hook whatsoever. None needed. It's just nice and smooth with it's own finish... good for the hook owner, bad for the maker. You shouldn't need to retouch the finish, as the finish is self contained... just vigorus rubbing with a clean cotton cloth should do it when. The bad part (for me) is in trying to sand it down. The waxes immediately load up the sandpaper. So LOTS of sandpaper has been used up taking this hook to the condition you see.
The Vera Greenie is a J (6mm) sizewise and is 6 1/2 inches long.
If Jimbo hooks ever become collectable, the Vera Wood Greenie will be a rare one because I really doubt I'll make another one. There is one more out there... one that I made for my very lovely and talented Sister in Law, Trish. So only two Jimbo Vera Wood hooks are in existence and it'll likely stay that way.

Ok so lets make this a little faster auction and close bidding at noon (pacific standard time) this coming Monday, March 30.

As per usual, you can send bids by email to me at


I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Oh and don't forget the give-aways in the post below this one... in celebration of National Crochet Month. I'll be giving that egg hook away soon... very soon. In fact lets set a date of April 1, first day after NATCROMO, so if you haven't entered, PLEASE do so.. alls you need do is post a comment in the comment box below the picture of the egg hook.

And thanks for dropping by!!

Bottom, New grip 9.5mm
AnaMaria goes $20
Marty bumps it to $25

Middle L:
Jenny goes $20

Smokey H (top hook):
Debora likes the color (me too!)..$30

Vera Wood Greenie J:
Jayne goes $10
Lyn bumps to $25
Jayne risks $30
Lyn bumps to $33
Alice takes it to $35
Lyn goes to $40
AB takes it to $46
Lyn's back with $48
AB again with $52


(auction below has expired)

Just realized I had this one set to close at 10am this morning!! ALMOST forgot!!
Anyways High bidders please consider using the "make a donation" button in the left margin for paypal payment. Other forms of payment can be arranged as well, just email me with your preference.
Thanks to all for bidding and with luck and warmer weather, there'll be another auction up shortly. Watch close because i have a BRAND NEW HOOK DESIGN coming!!


Mary Beth Temple (http://gettingloopy.com/) told me during my 3 minutes on her famous podcast, to have more hooks up for sale... so I took her at her word and here are four more...

And the dust still hasn't settled! And I'm not yet touching the ground after winning the "Flamie" award (see post below). Ah but life goes on and I can't rest on my laurels. Laurels don't make good hooks anyways. Gotta thank Laurie, out Lady of the Front, and moderator of "Crochet Liberation Front" in Ravelry for all her hard work in the Flamie awards... and to Mary Beth for MC'ing the podcast. And congrats to all the other winners!!!

ok ok So lets see what we have up next.

Lets go from left to right in the picture (which I apologize for because it isn't perfectly clear... low light conditions). So excuses aside, the left hook is a knockout beauty for it's grain and color. Its made of Bloodwood (can you understand why?). Not an indigenous Crick wood, Bloodwood is found in rare corners of my shop, in small chunks that are crying out to be adopted by a talented crochetier. Actually, I'm not sure that this was the LAST chunk that I have. Anyways, it got my attention, especially after the dull brown shell came off and all that gorgeous grain came to life. A Bloodwood Beauty! Specs: Its a J (10mm) and goes 6 1/2 inches, or about 16cm long.

Next one to the right of the Bloodwood Beauty is a willowy Redheart G. This hook was made in response to a discussion I recently had with my friend Andee, who bytheway is not only good lookin, but one heck of a crochetier! I was lamenting the fact that its hard to make hooks that are comfortable for the "pencil grippers", and Andee, bless her, suggested a simple triangular grip... a bit akin to those triangular pads you get on some pencils. So I thought i'd give it a try and this hook is the result. I made is slender because pencil grippers need more front end balance and light weight. Well this hook almost floats! And Redheart? Well its my wood of choice for the travelling hook, it has such good qualities. Stats: Size G (4mm), 6 3/4 inches or 17cm long.

Third from the left is a fat bodied, small hook built for comfort. My good friend Ken Spiering (a VERY well known and beloved local Spokane artist..you shoud google him...

Anyways, Ken dropped this massive chunk of well cured wood off at my house the other day. Turns out that it's a piece of the trumk from a large ornimental crab apple tree that Ken scored from scrap wood at one of our local parks. VERY nice strong wood. Beautiful slightly pinkish hardwood. So this chunk became a portly handled #7 (4 1/2mm). Oh and its 7 inches (17.7cm) long.

Now comes the Sepale hook... Looks like mahogany eh? Similar color, similar open appearing grain, but this is alot harder wood than your ordinary mahogany. And the grain under the finish is irridescent. Beautifu wood that you have to turn in your hands to fully appreciate. This one is an I (5.5mm) and is 6 3/4 inches or a bit over 16.5cm long.

Lets run this auction till this coming Monday (March 23) at 10am Pacific Standard Time.

Per usual you can send me your bids by email at


I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Oh and don't forget the give-aways in the post below this one... in celebration of National Crochet Month. I'll be giving egg hook away soon... very soon.

Thanks again for dropping by and thanks again for your votes!!


Bloodwood Beauty J:
Janet begins with $15
JP goes to $35
Lolly bids $40
Elizabeth hops it up to $45
JP bumps it to $48
too tempting for Alice... $50
AB: $52

Willowy Redheart G:
Sherri starts it all with $20
Lyn jumps to $40
AB $42
Sherri goes to $45

Chunky Crab Apple 7:
Melinda says $20
Nicole goes to $25

Sapele I:
Lolly's here too with $20
Debora goes to $25
Elizabeth raises up to $35

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