Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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Doozie: An adjective used to describe something as having rare character (from the Jimbo Dictionary of everyday terms)

Ok folks are waiting for these so I'll get right to it without further Hogwarsh (Hogwarsh: a classification term coined by Jimbo's mom, for a large part of his bright ideas as being suspect at best). Ah but I digress...


What we have here are three hooks that are of outstanding character, so we'll call them Doozie 1, Double Doozie 2 and Triple Double Doozie 3.

Doozie 1 is the middle hook you see in my scrubbed but still messy from General Poly Finish hand. I know, I should have held the hooks in different order so the number sequence would flow better but hay that's the way I roll. (digressing again eh).
Well the middle hook is distinguished from any other hook in the known universe by a little caramel colored core that runs along the shank and into the thumb rest. The hook is made from a ornamental crab apple branch that I rescued from a friend's fire pit. (I had to trade some softwood for it though, but there I go digressing again).
Beautiful hook! And there's more you don't see... at the trademark Jimbo hook bell shape at the handle end are some really pretty knots (one that's opened up a bit so I filled it for smoothness sake).
Doozie 1 is a H on the Bates gauge and is a really comfy 6 3/4 inches long.

Double Doozie 2 is the biggest hook of the three and is the one in my hand thats closest to the really nice watch Karol got me for Christmas (ah but there I go again!!) This hook is just absolutely amazing. I made it for the smell of it, the absolute phenominal beauty of the wood, and where it came from. Oh and of course it's made to inspire beautifully original freeform crochet work too. This hook is made of genuine Louistown Montana Juniper... and it smells like I'd hope heaven would. In fact I didn't even put finish on the hook in hopes the buyer will be able to take a whiff and be transported to the bluff overlooking the Missoui River Breaks where this hook was once part of a Juniper bush that made the air around the area just, well, Perfect!
To keep some of the character of that bush, I've left a part of the handle, and a small area opposite the thumb rest in its original skin... not bark, mind you... but bare wood that's been grayed from exposure to Montana winters. Which brings me to the crack. There's a crack in the bare gray area of the hook, opposite the thumb rest. I didn't fill it, because its not in an area where it would cause problems and I think the hook should stay as natural as possible. HOWEVER, if it makes you nervous, and you're the high bidder, I'll fill it before sending it out. Your choice.
This hook is Lewistown Montana size.... L/M (8.5mm).... unique to encourage freeform art.

Now the Triple Double Doozie. This is I think, the HARDEST hook I've ever made. And I've made some hard hooks. I think its even harder than the ebony hook I made a while back. Its made of Ironwood. Take it from Jimbo... Ironwood lives up to its name. I've heard of it before, but I've never seen it up close and personal. Pictures of ironwood that I've seen before show a blondish kind of homely looking wood. Not this one!! This hook is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And in the right light, you can see tiny twinkles... I'm thinking from tiny particles in the wood. Maybe THAT'S what dulled my tools so quickly! But it's smooooooth as a baby's bottom.
Sizewise this Ironwood beauty is a G, and its 6 1/2 inches long.

And you can email your bids to me at:


We'll end this contest next coming Wednesday night Feb.25 at 10pm Pacific Standard Time.

And as always.. thanks for dropping by. Makes my wrinkled old heart all warm to have you stop by for a visit.

To the bids!!

left to right

The Montana Juniper L/M:
A. Nonymous starts it with $25
Lolly is here with $35
A. Nonymous goes to $40
Lolly's not backing down..$50!

The Ornamental Crab apple H:
A. Nonymous again with $25
Diane wants it for $35
A. Nonymous is back with $40
Alice dropped by on her way to the Mad Hatter's with $45

The Ironwood G:
you guessed it..A. Nonymous here too with $20
Candice says $25
Joann is here! $30
And A. Nonymous again..$35
Candice comes back with $40
Wendi bids $50
Shelley bumps us up to $60
Wendi rebumps it to $65!
Shelley re-rebumps to $75
Alice can't go without bidding $80!
With three minutes to go, AB bids $86!!

Oh and the HOOKSTOPPER auction is OVER!!! Kari is the high bidder!

Info about this amazing invention are a couple posts below this one.. but i'll keep posting the bids here for convienience. Bids, bytheway will close on the HOOKSTOPPER auction tonight at 10pm..

Hookstopper bids:


Amanda gets the distinction of being the first bidder/investor for the first ever "Hookstopper" brand combined crochet hook and wine bottle stopper.... $10

Beth S. immediately ups it to $20

Amanda's smitten.. $50!

Kari's 1.5 times more smitten!! Smitten and a half...$75!


Kari said...

WOOHOOO! I have just the bottle of wine for it!

Alice said...

Oh goodness, I'm just on tenterhooks here to see if I'm the high bidder on those doozies! (Plus I'm a wee bit sleepy as I live in the eastern time zone) Come soon 10 PM PST!