Monday, November 03, 2008

From Jimbo's Front Porch....Fall '08

(if you'd like to see more detail, you can click on the images)

After the big Auction for FARA (thanks again to all who donated), during all the political blitz with poor misguided people from all sides trying to convince us of what we need, after raking and shredding leaves here in Spokane, and the hordes of people, cars and noise; we have the Crick. In Fall. And God said "This is Good." And Jimbo said... yes, it truly is.

I started off on Wednesday, went up to the Crick, got hit between the eyes with the Tamaracks' blaze and had to climatize till Thursday morning when the ole chainsaw was put to work making fahrwood for cozy winter warmth. Got down to 28 but that's not really cold; just a good test for the new stove. It works soooo well and makes for a perfect atmosphere in the cabin for quiet reading and snoozing, especially after a good hard day's work cutting wood. Honest, hard work taking the place of the exercise machines at the gym. NO COMPARISON. I was so inspired, I even got out the paints and did a little landscape of the crick.. something i've not done for oh maybe 30 years or more. (bytheway, the crickscape is the tiny rectangle at the base of the tamarack lamp i made.. its in the fuzzy picture at the top of this post... fuzzy because i moved when the shutter was released, and thankfully so cause the painting's not so good)

Friday evening Karol escaped chaos at her office and came up. We had a nice meal and more utter quiet time in chairs by the fire, reading and talking. EVERYONE should have times like these..quiet peaceful time to appreciate what nature is always patiently waiting to show us.. the world would be such a better place.

Saturday we had GOOD friends Sharon Gray, Sharon and Fast Eddie Cassens. More really good food, wine and tamaracks. Just one of those pleasant times that almost makes your smile freeze that way.

Sunday, a little rain, a little winterizing...a few shots with the camera so's to share a little heaven with you and...

like Robert Frost said.... "The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I've got promises to keep."

so we're back.


Good things on both ends, here and there... but times like these cause the balance to swing a bit heavy toward the crick.

And as to promises.... I have a prize hook to make for the group of really good lookin wimmen who worked so hard to weave their crochet magic for FARA. AND I need to choose the winner of the Darrell adoption contest. I'll do that and put some hooks up for bids....just as soon as I come back down from the crick. Body's here...the rest has yet to catch up.

More in a bit.



craziebunny said...

JUST BREATHTAKING BEAUTIFUL!!me and my husband looking and drooling over the peace of being in the woods!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, outstanding beauty that you can appreciate 24 = 7. Lucky you!

t said...

Oh thank you Jim for sharing those beautiful fall colors with us. That is truely a picture of heaven on earth.

annie said...

Beautiful pics, Jimbo! Thank you for sharing a little bit of heaven on earth with us! Hugs! Ann

Brandy said...

WHOA!! Thos are some amazing photos! Would you be against the idea of me printing one of them to frame (for personal use, of course)?