Monday, August 18, 2008

Post Alaska Auction! is OVER!! Thanks for all the bids, Kids!

Great bids this time! Thank you all for stopping by and bidding on my hooks! There'll be another auction coming soon so please come back.
High bidders, you can use the "make a donation" button in the left margin to pay using paypal, or contact me if you'd prefer another form of payment.

Thanks again!

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Here's a group of hooks that I made before the trip but couldn't put them up for auction cause I would have been in Alaska and your generous bids wouldn't have been posted. I'm back now, and I have hooks in hand (note photo) so take a look at these!

Left to right... the first hook is an F! Don't see many Jimbo F's beyond the ones I used to get on my report cards. Ah but this one's a beauty and you can't see it all cause alot of the Gorgeous wood figure is on the back side. But what you see on the front isn't so shabby either, eh? Note that the thumb rest on this is actually part of the cambium layer (just under the bark). 7 1/2 inches long it is, all of pretty hardwood (don't remember the wood species but it's a hardwood and lightweight)
A gem of hookiness for your hooking pleasure!

Second hook (from the left) is a genuine Deadman Crick Applewood beauty that made the trip with me to Alaska. I showed this hook to a very nice shop owner, Cheri of " The Bead and Yarn Shoppe" in Ketchikan ( If you ever get to visit Ketchikan (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do) be sure to look up Cheri and her yarn shop.. its a friendly and fascinating place to visit and shop! Anyways, I think its safe to say that Cheri likes this hook.
Its an I on the Bates gauge and is a smidge over 7 inches long.

Third hook (from the left) marks another Jimbo downfall. Its store bought wood. But I just couldn't resist the grain in this beauty. One of the purtiest yet, this Cocobolo beauty. You just gotta click on the picture to see some of dark subtle grain in this phenomenal hook. I don't feel really good about using rare wood, but this was one I couldn't pass up making into a hook. Heck if I hadn't made a hook of it, somebody probably would have bought it and made something stoopid, like a ball point pen (not that i have anything against pen makers... I know some pen makers and for non-hook makers, they're pretty nice folk).
Anyways.. this drop dead gorgeous hunka hook is an H and its 7 5/8 inches long.

And last but far from least is the 4th hook from the left. This one is made from a dead branch of my neighbor's apricot tree and has incredible grain color variation as apricot tends to have. You'll find yourself just staring at the grain of this one, turning it here and there to catch light amplified grain structure. It might slow your crochet a bit, just because you'll want to spend time looking at it. Ever bit as pretty as the Cocobolo hook, but different and so not in a bad way.
This hook is a J and is 7 5/8 inches long.

and PLEASE don't forget you can always make a minimum $10 donation for FARA and get yourself a genuine Jimbo Chophook (see posts below to view chophooks). Chophooks will be given to generous donors till a cure or treatment is found for FA (Friedreich's Ataxia). See more about FA in posts below.

Ok so let the bidding begin! We'll run this auction till next Tuesday (Aug 26th) and bidding will close at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time on that date. I'll try to post your bids here as they come in by email to me at

And thanks for stopping by! Come again when you can stay longer!



F hook of unknown but purty woodage:
Shannon's new to the porch (Welcome Shannon!) and likes the F to the tune of $15
Peggy goes $30
Cheri all the way from Ketchikan (Go there, Visit her "Bead and Yarn Shoppe") $40

Apple of my I:
Kari's eyeing this one...$20
JoAnn says $25
Theresa bumps it to $30
Cheri from Ketchikan goes 40
Diane ups it to $45

Cocobolo H:
Mary's loco for cocobolo and bids $20
Brandy goes $26
Peggy bumps it up to $30
Patty bids $35
Peggy'll go $45
Here come's Sue with $50!
Ketchikan Cheri's here too with $60!

Apricot J:
Jane with a J..$15
Claire from jolly old England... $40
Cheri's again! $50


Christina said...

Gorgeous hooks!

angelfire said...

wow, great bids on beaufiful hooks


Adorei seu blog!!! Um abra├žo, Claudia.

Natty Lioness said...

Great work, love handmade needles ;) Keep up
Sofia (Portugal)