Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CHOPHOOKer of the Week or Whenever... Meet INGA

Here we have the current featured Chophook Goddess, Inga.

Inga is an accomplished Irish Fiber Artist who enjoys working with "found" materials, often things that would otherwise be destined to the dumpster.

Inga lives n Northern Ireland. Hoooeee would I LOVE to go visit her!

In Inga's words:

"I enjoy seeing the look on someone’s face when they realise that the sculpture in front of them, that they find beautiful, is made of things they put in the trash every day.
My work is all about releasing the inner beauty and showing it to the world that shunned it because looks are everything.

My studio (my husband calls it the Institute for Fiddling) is crammed to the gills with a stash that makes me blush. But I intend to work through it all. Every last fibre, plastic and piece of polystyrene. I’ll be an old, but happy woman.

My work is currently exhibiting in the Chicago Cultural Centre as part of the Hyperbolic Crochet Reef, by the Institute for Figuring. (They’re real by the way, and yes, that’s where the studio joke came from.) My sculptures will then travel on to NYU in New York, The Hayward in London and LACE in LA."

Take a little trip to Ireland and visit Inga at


Impressive? Now that's an understatement! And what's just way cool is that Inga is taking up the FA publicity challenge by joining in the Traveling hook III group (who's sole purpose is to raise awareness of Freidreich's Ataxia while haveing fun crocheting). Inga is also contributing to a Scrumble Along in a Ravelry group "Jimbo's Travelling Hook", which was kindly organized by Maven (fiberpron.blogspot.com)

Now if YOU would like to nominate a Chophooker (maybe yourself??)... someone who has done a noteworty chophook project.. Just email me a picture of the shining chophookwork example, with the Chophook showing prominently. If YOU're the nominee.. get in the picture yourself if you're not too shy (just remember I DO have decency rules....at least I think I had some of those once)

(send your entries to:

What's that you say??? WHAT!!?? You don't have a chophook!!???? Well we can fix that. Just click the "make a donation" button on the lower left margin of this page if you use paypal, and use the word Ataxia as your middle name in the paypal address request information.... and i'll send you a genuine Chophook. ALL proceeds go to FARA (Friedreich's Ataxia Research Aliance) so you'll be getting a hook AND helping an incredibly worth cause! Find out more about FA by clicking the AXE ATAXIA badge to the left of this post (and please copy the badge for your blog to help spread the word)

Keep watching this spot for the next Chophook Chophooker of the Week or Whenever!

And thanks for dropping by!!


ps... This past week-end, while up at the Ranch looking for likely hook wood, I came across this...

Now you might need click on the image to get the impact of that little green lichen that's growing on this stick. As you see, it looks JUST LIKE a chunk of coral. And WHO do you think of when you see coral?? Inga of course. So I figured its Karma. This stick just HAD to become an Inga hook. So I started whittling. So its finished and mailed.. an Inga inspired coral inspired hook. Course the lichen isn't there anymore.. it had to be removed to make way for the hook inside.. but the coral pointed the way.
Too bad i didn't think to take a picture of the finished hook.. but if you're curious, maybe we can talk Inga into posting a picture of the hook when it arrives in sunny Ireland. Lets watch her blog and see.



badrhinogillett said...

It's beautiful Jimbo. I already have a K that you made so I'm just going to admire this one from a far. Can't wait to see what's coming up too!

TracyLeigh said...

**passing on the crown to Inga**

Candy said...

Hi Jimbo!! You've been TAGGED! Come read my blog :-) Hugs, Candy