Sunday, March 30, 2008


Oh its been awhile since I've had a regular auction for the porch project. But spring's on it's way and funding for the porch has been at a standstill. So its high time to get going. And here's some hooks to get started.

These four are an interesting bunch.

(hook 1) The top hook is made from a branch from one of our silver maples that broke under heavy snow this past winter. The branch was live before the break, but i just couldn't wait to see how the grain would come out. As you can see its a pretty white color and the stripes you see are the center core. While drying, the hook decided to bend, making this a really unique hook shape, for a turned hook. I tried to take advantage of the bend direction to compliment a right handed underhand (knife or toothbrush type) grip style. The hook size is 5.5 mm (I on the Bates gauge) and about 7 1/4 inches long.

(hook 2) Next hook down is from the old apple tree. Hand carved from a branch with a bit of the bark left on the handle as a reminder of where this beauty came from. The stick this hook came from was gathered from several that were broken from the tree but not fallen to the ground. Two possibilities for the breakage. No wait, three. One is weather. A gust of wind could have broken the dead branches. The second possibility is deer. Deer raise up on their hind legs, grab a branch in their teeth and pull it down so they can get to the apples. Third is bear. We've had a momma bear climbing the tree to get apples for her cub (you can see pictures of the cub in an earlier blog entry). At any rate, this hook has seen some pretty awesome wildlife, and now its retiring to be someone's yarn working companion. Size: 7mm (which is between an L and a K)and about 7 inches long.

(hook 3) Third hook down is another hand carved hook. This one is made from genuine Deadman Crick Fir, from a branch that dropped from a tree that overlooks the old apple tree. Most likely this one came down from wind. Fir branches have really tight grain and a beautiful honey color, and they carve so nice that often i will leave areas with very little if any sanding. You can see the knife marks in the "trigger" area of the hook. This one is a 9mm (M on the Bates gauge), and about 7 1/2 inches long.

(hook 4) Last and far from least is a Wenge hook. Wenge is a very dark colored hardwood that is really difficult to work with but has really fascinating grain character. I broke down and bought this little piece at Woodcraft just because I love the grain. And it will be a very nice hook to work with. But, friends, I doubt that I'll make another Wenge hook. So this one will be a truly one of a kind Jimbo hook. Its also 5.5mm (size I on the Bates gauge) and is 6 1/2 inches long.

(hooks 5 till they find a cure) As always, you can get a bamboo chopstick hook for FA (please scroll down to read details about FA and the "Chophook" sales. They're getting more and more popular as folks find out that they're not just a novelty hook. They really do work well!

Ok so lets make this a short auction and close bidding this Wednesday Night
April 2, at 10pm Pacific Std Time.

You can email me your bids at

I'll try to post bids as they come in.

Oh, and the bowl bids (see the post below this one) are still out. The bowl is in the silent auction at the National Ataxia conference in Vegas. The Vegas auction will be over today or tomorrow, so I'll announce the winner of the bowl bid Wednesday night too.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks too for your patience waiting for some hooks to bid on!



Hook 1
Joyce visualizes this hook in her hand... $25
Kathryn bids $30
coming down to the wire.. Joyce bids $35

Hook 2
Tristi bids $20

Hook 3
DebO.. $10
Becky wants that ole hook... $25

Hook 4
Sheila bids @25


angelfire said...

that is an interesting combination of hooks, I love the variety. Good luck with the auction.
We need you to get that porch completed this summer, as we want some whittling being done on those great summer months when you are watching the sun set and in the autumn when you are watching the deers and the antelopes play.

Erin said...

Beautiful hooks, as always Mr. Jimbo. Did you send the hat to the Ataxia convention? How did it do?