Friday, February 22, 2008



I've been making hooks and hooks and hooks, trying to get the perfect hook to use for the Traveling Hook III because the cause is so very worthy. The hook you see above is the one I've finally settled on for this event.

The "Jessica Hook" will soon be on its way from one caring crochetier to another with the goal of finding a cure or treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia (FA). You may have read my posts about this hideous condition that attacks the young and if not, please simply click on the "Axe Ataxia" button in the left margin of this blog to find out more.

The rules for the event are close to being completed but regardless of the details, the ultimate goal is to raise research funds and awareness of FA. We're at the point now of recruiting crochet artists who are willing to help the cause. You can see more and sign up in the Blog our Godsend, "Angelfire" has started at:

How did all this come about? I deeply wish there WAS no reason for sending this hook around, that it could be sent just for the pleasure and fun of using a hook that has been "on the road" and that has been used by other crochetiers for a common cause. If you're curious, take a look through the thread in "Crochetville" that has evolved over the past several months with the earlier Traveling Hook II at:


You'll see how that hook has been on a journey all around the US and the participant's remarks about what they've done with it to help find a cure for cancer. You'll get the general gist of what this one is all about. Its just amazing. I'd love to see this hook do as much for getting rid of FA.

Please take some time to look at the FA website, this hook, and decide if you'd like to participate.

The hook? Its one of the prettiest hook I've made. Appropriately, the hook is made from Red Heart. And for your crochet plans, its a size H (5mm).

My heartfelt thanks to all who are about to participate in this so very worthy cause.



Joyce said...

As always Jimbo, it's just gorgeous. I'm working with the Sonny hook now and it's a dream!

Joyce (jmccrochet)

angelfire said...

It is beautiful!!!!the participants are going to love it. You are a winner and FARA is going to win once this gets moving

JoAnn said...

Again Jim, you CONTINUE t outdo yourself!! It is beautimous!!! Fantastic!!!!
JoAnn AKA JoBug