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(please click on image to enlarge photo)
and here's a photo with letters to identify the hooks (Thanks to Deborah):

Please note that the descriptions for hooks B, E, and J have been modified a little to let you know they do have thumbrests... you just don't see them well because, well, I didn't get them turned right for the picture or they were being mischevious and turned themselves. Anyways if you were looking for a hook without a thumb rest, let me know and I'll retract your bids with profuse apologies.

Here's a bunch of hooks up for bids, timed to Crochet Magazine's newsletter about Golda. Got plenty to choose from and I'm up way past my bed time so excuse me if the screen suddenly fills with Z's.
Ok.. to the hooks! Lets take a look at these starting with the center hook and then move to the top hook, and from there we'll go around the array counter clockwise. So...

Hook A (center of picture above) This is a very special hook, made from juniper gathered on Golda's ranch. Juniper has just an amazing aroma. In fact its too good to cover up. So this hook is unfinished, but smooth enough to crochet with. Sizewise its a K and about 6 1/2 inches long. There is a thumb rest on this one too (it shows, but barely) I'm calling this one a Golda hook.

Hook B (the top hook of the bunch) is from the ranch. Its a Spalted Bramble Bush (not really sure its Bramble Bush) and is about 7 inches lnog. Size wise its a J. Beautiful contrast of grains. Oh and I just noticed that the tumb rest doesn't show. There is a thumb rest, kinda like hooks K and M.

Hook C (to the left of hook B) is another spalted bramble but a little shorter (6 3/4 inches long), and its a J.

Hook D is as close to a standard hook as you'll see Jimbo do. Actually this hook started off much bigger. I got carried away looking for just the right grain. You don't see it, but this one has a little thumb rest but its on the back side facing away from us. Its made from a branch off the old apple tree! And its oh about an H and maybe 6 3/4 inches long.

Hook E is a wood that i don't recognize. But its purty. Size is 7mm and length is 7 1/8 inches. This one also has a thumb rest that's hiding. Its carved into the handle like you see for hooks K and M.

Hook F is an apricot hook with a long neck and a bullion/tunisian hook head that I think might be a pretty nifty shape. Oh, and its H-ish and about 7.5 inches long.

Hook G is an "Egg" hook made from Cherry and is a K on the bates gauge.

Hook H is a trip back to my beginnings. Its hand carved from a branch of the old apple tree. Size? Oh I'd say it's an L and about 7 inches long.

Hook I isn't from the ranch. Nope its not from Golda's either. Its a chunk of Olive wood I picked up at Woodcraft. Beautiful grain, huh. And it's an H that'll go 7 inches.

Hook J is another bramble hook, only this time in a size 7 (you know, that rare size on the Bates scale between a G and an H) And its about 7 1/2 inches long. And this one has a thumb rest that'a not clear from the photo (what was i DOING?). Again, the thumb rest resembles the ones carved into hooks K and M. Sheesh!

Hook K is a backyard maple H that's 6 3/4 inches long. At least i think its maple.

Hook L is a new hook style, kinda. This one i wanted to do as a bullion hook and it works pretty well that way. I wound oh maybe a dozen wraps of yarn over the shank, then pulled a loop through the collected loops with not a catch. Fun!

Hook M, is the last but far from least. It is a Birch hook that's an H and a short 6".

Ok.. lets run this one a full week, ending next Tuesday (Oct. 23rd) at 10pm Pacific Std time.

And you can send me your bids, identifying the hook you want and the amount you're bidding at my Yahoo address:

Keep an eye on the blog to see if you're outbid, and bid again if you choose.

Thanks for stopping by.


Hook A:
Kim's bid is tied by Catherine... both bid $10
which is raised by a bid from Funky of $15
which gets bumped immediately by Vicky's $20 bid
Catherine wants it for $25, but
Mia and Val both come in at $30 (tiz a tie, and if there's no higher bid, the first one to bid $30 wins... and that's Mia, who's bid came in yesterday)
Catherine breaks the tie with $33
Louise jumps in the ring with $40
Catherine says $45!

Hook B:
Janet is here with $12
Bea bumps to $13
but Colorado Carol goes to $15
And Louise likes this one too..$25
Nadir hikes it up to $30 (this bid is withdrawn.. my fault... Nadir didn't want a thumb rest) Sorry to mislead you, Nadir.. I'll take better photos in the future!
So its back to Louise..$25
Marty's a first time bidder and jumps in at $30

Hook C:
Kim's likeing C to the tune of $10
Oh but here's Roxanne with $15
and now Malee's here with $20

Hook D:
Kim likes this one too...$10
But so does Laurie.. $15
Kari (she designed this website for me!!) goes to $20
DebO just got in for $22.50

Hook E:Here she comes to save the day! Janet saw hook e standing over in the corner all alone without a bid and found a $10 bid to help the poor little guy out. Thanks Janet! And hook E thanks you from saving it from the land of lost hooks.
Nadir goes to $15
Deborah says $25
and Tracey bumps it up to $30

Hook F:
Terry's in for $10
Colorado Carol says $12
but Briana raises her hand at the $15 mark
only to bow to Megan's $20
which quickly gets bumped by CoolHockymom's $23
Louise adds seven to make it $30

Hook G:
Paulette J shows up with $10
Colorado Carol's here too with $12, along with Old Lady a tie!
but Beth breaks the tie with $17
Kari takes it to $23

Hook H:
Sue bids $10
Chris seels Sue and raises to $15
Judy sends in her bid all the way from England! $20
Malee and Deborah up it to $25 (tie)
broken by Tracey who goes to $30
And W O W.. Elizabeth bids $50!

Hook I:
Sue bids $10 (wo DejaVu!)
dejavu all over again... Chris sees Sue and raises to $15
Elizabeth calls and raises to $25
Louise raises to $30

Hook J:
June's here in October! And she bids $20
and here comes Colorado Carol again...$25
June is back with $30

Hook K:
June's blossoming here too... another $20 bid!
Funky R raises this one to $26
Ah but June's back immediately with $30

Hook L:
L L what begins with L? Lisa! and she bids $15
JoAnn T bumps it right up to $30
PauletteJ sees the potential and bids $35
Lisa's determined. She comes back with $40
But so's Tracey... $45

Hook M:
Barb H is our first bidder! And she's liking M for $10
oh but Malee and Janet and Claire all tie for $15 (if nobody outbids them, the first 15$ bid goes to Janet)
And June come in shining.. with $20
Claire boosts the bid to $30
June (my wife's birth month!) raises to $35
Wow! Claire goes to $45
Oh, June is determined! $50!

I'll check in later.

Thanks again for dropping by!

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You are a wonderful writer! You make the ranch come alive. Keep it up! Barb from West Texas