Thursday, September 06, 2007


Another successful auction!! Thanks to all who bid! High bidders, please consider paying by way of the "make a donation" button in my blog. Its a paypal feature that lets you name the price you bid. Otherwise, please contact me for any other type of payment.
Thanks again everyone!!

Click away... see the detail!

Frantic here. I need to be up at the crick today, because the treated lumber for the front porch is arriving and i'm taking up another load of EXPENSIVE decking. So expensive that i decided yesterday instead of going to the ranch, i'd concentrate on making some hooks for the fund which is dwindling FAST. So all yesterday and way into the night.... I made hooks.

Here they are for bids, which you can send but i won't be posting them till oh this coming Sunday.

okok... here they are from left to right:

AA This is another of the new hook shapes that I like so well. Its an H and is about oh 5 1/2 inches long. Not sure what the wood is but its sure purty. This hook, i'm finding, can be held in the palm like an egg hook or it can be gripped by the ring finger or pinky; freeing the remaining fingers to work wonderous things with your yarn.

bb This one's a real beauty, made from genuine Deadman Crick Briar (don't know the actual name of the wood but it has trecherous long thorns that like to make me bleed when i go to take dead branches). Its an H too and made in the "classic" Jimbo style. Its about 7 1/2 inches long. I'da made it shorter but just didn't have the heart to waste any more of that wood.

cc Long and lean, and platnum blond with a beauty mark here and there... this is a smallish hook, sizewise. Its a 7 (between a G and an H on the Bates Scale), and about oh, 7 1/2 inches long. It has a nice wrap around thumb and finger rest which some folks really like.

dd Now this is one that is shy. Its just a really beautiful hook, but doesn't like the camera. Its light as a feather and the grain is almost irridescent with detail that you have to get up close to see. But oh its there! Its an I sizewise and about 6 3/4 inches long.

ee Best for last? I don't think so cause the others are really nice too... but this one probably has the most distinctive and visible grain features. Its also from the dreaded briar bush (it likes to make me bleed but oh the wood!). With a wrap around finger/thumb rest, this should be a very comfortable as well as purty hook for your collection. Its another I! Gee i did two i's? hmmmm. Well it was getting late. Anyways its a beauty and about 7 inches long.

So there you go... more little pieces of wood doing their best to help me fund the porch building project.

I'll close this auction next Wednesday, Sept 12 (on International Crochet Day!!!) That's the day i'll give away the drop dead gorgeous very first soon to be an extreemly valuable International Crochet Day crochet hook..... see the hook and contest entry rules a few posts below this one)

So here we go... I'll announce bids as soon as i can. You can send me your bids at


Sorry to be posting your bids a day late. I didn't get back from the crick till 1am this morning and was just too bushed to do the posting. Its really great to see so many bids though. I sincerely appreciate your interest and bids.. And to those who are asking if i'll keep whittlin after the porch is done? Welp, there's a long ways to go (roofs) and besides i enjoy making these things so much that i doubt i'll quit till my hands give out.
Ok so on with the bids!

Lindsay bids $20
Beth! $50!!

Susan starts with $15
Vicki and Danielle are tied at $30 (if higher bids aren't receieved, the first to bid will get the hook)
Susan solves THAT problem with her bid of $35!
Jenny bumps this one up to $37
Vicki goes to $40!

Lindsay says $20
Maureen bids $25
Danielle goes $30

Becky bids $30
Deb bumps it up to $35

Lindsay's here again for $20
Vicki bumps to $30
Deb S. re-bumps to $35

Thanks for stopping by!!



Anita said...

Oh my glory, those are gorgeous!

wishlistmaster said...

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vicki said...

its sure hard to choose which ones to bid on jim lol they are all beautiful thanks for the masterpieces :D

angelfire said...

They are all lovely hooks, one of these days I hope to bid on a freeform hook and win it...but until them I will enjoy seeing all of the wonderful hooks that you make. Congrats on making so many ladies happy with your hooks.