Monday, April 16, 2007


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HAPPY MAY DAY TO............... SEW'N'SEW from over at Crochetville. She won the most deserving hook!!!

All the other entrants... please don't dispare. This contest was so pleasant to do; i read so many nice things being said about some pretty wonderful people, that i decided i just have to do it again. So please keep checking back now and then to see if another contest is under way.

Thanks again to all the entrants!!

What do you do with a hook that turns out soooooooo nice as to proportions;thats made of an absolutely knockout beautiful piece of bloodwood; and that when the finish was applied, the red grain brought a small gasp?

What do you do with such a hook??

Well i guess i could try to auction if for a Guinnes book record hook price. Or

I could GIVE it to a deserving person. And just who is deserving? Welp if you're reading this, YOU're deserving.

But unfortunately, I can't give this hook to all of you (as much as I'd love to).
So here's what i'm going to do. I'm going to let YOU guys name the deserving person.
Send me an email with:
1)Your name; and
2)The name and email address of the most deserving person you'd like to see this hook go to.

Then at the end of this month, i'll pick a winner at random from the entries and i'll send the hook to that person with a little note that YOU won this hook for them. Get it? Ok here's an example: You (lets say your name is Bambie Bodacious) send me an email that says "Jimbo, Bambie Bodacious here, and I think the most deserving person for your contest hook is Sandy Sue and her email is and i think she deserves the hook because blah blah blah (blah's are optional)".

At the end of April if i pick Sandy Sue, I'll send her a note saying "Hi Sandy Sue, Jimbo here. Guess what? Bambie Bodacious entered you as the person most deserving of a special Jimbo hook and YOU WON!!"

Now won't that be special?

So send me your entries at:

I'll announce the winner here on or about May Day! Cause remember May Day is the day you give deserving persons special surprizes. My sis, Sandy and i used to pick wildflowers, make little construction paper vases, then go knock on a special person's door, leave the flowers and run. What a fun thing that was. Ah but i digress.

Anticipated faq's

Can you enter yourself? Of course! Who is more deserving than YOU? You'll get the same chance as any other deserving person.

Can you bribe me?? Of course! I love bribes. But bribes won't affect the outcome of the contest.

Can you enter more than once? Of course! But i'll only enter one person once and only one per email. So lets say you want to enter Sandy and Sue and Bertha and yourself. All 4 are valid entries if you send me 4 emails, each naming one of the 4 persons. But if you enter Sandy 4 times in 4 entries, only one entry will count. And if you send an email entering more than one person, the entry will be invalid...ok?

That should about cover it eh?

So let the contest begin!!

oooooh this will be fun!!


ps... the answer to the Riddle... BP hahhahahaha!!!


angelfire said...

WOW this is aweson...I* can think of may great people that deserve one of your great hooks. I would enter myself but it is better to give than receive and May day was one of my favorite days as a child . We also made May Baskets and filled them with candy for our neighbors and then knocked on their dorrs and ran...thank you for the memory

vicki said...

omgosh jim, that hook is beautiful, of course all of your hooks are beautiful, but the color ohhhhh i agree with angelfire and while i would love to have it i can not enter myself with good concious as there are sooo many more people out there who are more deserving than me. we too did that with the flowers on mayday, cept we use to "borrow" mrs olsons flowers and give them to her, she was the neighborhood grandma and everyone loved her. thanks for the memories for me too, oh and will get your afghan done as soon as i can, am making 2 comfortghans for my hubbys cousin and his wife. he was injured in iraq so am making him a comfortghan with everyones help on the ville and mania. i hope whoever gets that hook will cherish it ,as i do mine hugzz

Judy said...

Jim, you and your wife are the age of me and my DH! We were married in Dec 1967, when I was 2 weeks shy of 19 and he was barely 22... and they said it would never last!

PS...I entered a sweet lady in your hook contest.

Pink said...

That is such a generous thing to do, you always make me smile with your work, your words, and your spirit. That is an awesome hook...I'll be sending you an email or two :)

Pattianne M said...

Jimbo, I adore your egg hooks, and it was quite a surprise to get 3 at once (not a complaint by ANY means) but please contact me so that I can PAY YOU for the other two!

I think that yahoo is putting a log in the 'walking path' of our emails.

gilfling said...

Jim - I am new to your blog and I just really wanted to say hi. Your hooks really are incredible and your clearly put your heart and sould into forming them from the wood that you find.

I also had to say that I just read your blog post on the 'patina' the one about your dad's banjo. It really brought tears to my eye's! So often in society we throw away things that are 'past their best' and I often wish people would see that this actually means 'well loved, well used' - the remains of the person's love for that object.

Sorry I am not making much sense! Just that your blog post really meant alot to me. And the thought that your hooks will someday hold the remains of the person who lovingly used it - whether it be where fingers have worn slight dents, or the colour has changed - well that must be an incredible thought indeed!

Thank you for telling the story of your father.

Allena said...

i'm so drooling! you are awesome. your hooks are awesome. drool drool drool. i'd better stop before i short circut the laptop!

JoAnn said...

Oh Jim, you are truely a GEM! You have such a kind heart to give away your beautiful work of arts! I do hope that whom ever recieves it will love it as much as I love mine that you made just for me.
Hugs and Bugs

vicki said...

jim, SewnSew is going to be soooo excited, she truly is a wonderful person and i know she will love her hook as much as i love mine. god bless you for being sooo kind and generous to us all. i think YOU deserve something nice. hmmmm what to do what to do, will get back to you on that lol. almost done with the comfortghans and then will start on yours yipeee its going to be so pretty hugs vicki

Kari said...

I am sure the winner will totally love it! Congrats to the winner