Monday, September 18, 2006


AnaMaria gets the free form hook for her bid of $30!
Thanks AnaMaria!!

(click image for larger view)

This is a hook style I've been thinking about for some time. Its formed in a long smooth taper along its full length, so it varies in size from about a K at the hook, to about a P at the handle end. Thus, you have an infinite size range between the two extreme ends of the hook. I didn't put finger pads on the shank, because i didn't want to interrupt the taper.

My thinking in designing this shape is to provide a maximum size variety in a single hook, and to lead the artist away from the uniformity that is forced by a standard cylindrical hook shank. There's little chance for doing anything to a "gauge" with this hook, so you can forget that confining aspect and just do what feels right. That's what free form's about... right?

The hook is made from genuine Deadman Crick tamarack and is about 7" long. Look at the grain. Its about as tight as I've ever seen. And to think this could have ended up as firewood!

I'll take bids on this hook till this coming Monday.

You can send bids to my Yahoo address at

Oh, and if you have a comment on how you could see a hook like this used... please leave a note. I admit its a bit of an experiment... and I'd like to see your views or speculation about how you'd see this kind of hook used.


PS.. This hook is one of the very first that was turned on my NEW LATHE that i got for my Birthday from a group of very generous folks. Not that there's no carving on the hook.. the hook and the handle end are carved. The tapered part is turned, though. I'm finding turning is a really fun thing to do and intend to do lots more.


Pink said...

That's a mighty fine looking hook, Jimbo. Congrats on the lathe for your birthday and belated Happy Birthday, did I miss it?

Jimbo said...

Thanks Pink..sorry i've been out of touch lately. Hope you're doing well!