Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cedar Hook up for bids (sold!)

Just sent this hook out... but i'll leave the post here till i can put another hook in it's place. Many thanks to the buyer... i hope your cedar hook works well for you!

Here's a hook i just had to post, partly cause i don't have an order for it, and partly because its made of cedar (a material i didn't think would work for a hook but was pleasantly surprised), and partly because i should really sell it to increase the building fund, which has only tens of thousands to go.
I took this one out of the hooks i am making to fill orders, cause it's in the N range sizewise, and i don't have an order standing for an N.... but i just couldn't whittle away all that beautiful grain, so i stopped and finished it like you see here.
So this hook is made for a toothbrush grip, smooth as a babies bottom and about 7" long. The grain is pretty in the pictures but oh soooo much more pretty up close.
And its for sale.
I've been thinking about putting hooks periodically up for auction here, just cause i'd prefer my customers set the price... it seems so, oh, vane or crass for me to do that (though i must in most cases). So what i'll do is make this a silent kind of auction and take bids for the next week through my yahoo email address (
Please use Cedar Hook Bid as the subject line.

You can also contact me at the yahoo address by placing "jimbo hooks" as in the subject line, then let me know your bid. I'll let you know at the end of the week if your bid won.

We'll see how this works. I'm still new and ignant at this stuff.


PS..i'll update the highest bid amount as this progresses by editing this post. Current bid is:---- $20.00


Justine said...

Wow these hooks are gorgeous, and the place you live in sounds so amazing... Cedar hooks, must be scented!! When I have a bit of money I'll buy some to help you build your dream!!!! :-))))

Jimbo said...

Thanks Justine... actually, and unfortunately the cedar hooks start off with a nice aroma, but i have to put a hard finish on them or they'd never hold up to use. Sooo you can't have your hook and smell it too. Sorry. Wisht i could make them like i find them. Other woods smell sooooo good too, but i just haven't found a way to hold on the the scent.

~drew emborsky~ said...

Would they taste like cedar? Not that I chew on my hooks... I'm just saying....

Jimbo said...

Cedar and poly oil. Maybe a bit like chewing a stick soaked in codliver oil? Not that I've tried it.