Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Crochet Hooks that I make and sell

This is what I do with sticks I collect from the ranch.. specially from the tamarack and fir trees that abound there, and some from the ancient apple tree where i made the first hooks ever and sent them to my Sis Sandy in Calleyfornia..(no idea what that lavender smear is under the second to last hook)
These and all the hooks I make are one off originals, hand made to order according to the buyer's grip style. I try hard to match the handle with the user's grip, and to make the hook as close to the desired size as possible. I also do wood handles for metal hooks in the same fashion.
If you like what you see and want to order one... please leave me your email address, or email me. I prefer to make hooks J and larger; metal/wood hooks can be any size.
I hope to have pay pal running in a day or so.


ThreeOliveMartini said...

didnt take you l ong to figure it out did it LOL good job!

Natalie said...

Hey Jimbo - I don't see a pic of the *gorgeous* one you sent me up there!

congrats on the new blog, too!!

Tiffany said...

Your hooks are just gorgeous, Jimbo!

Lani said...

Boy howdy, Jimbo, you've got this blogging thing down already! Congrats on the new toy ... now where's my hook?!? (just kidding, just kidding!)

Lani, aka dhaunae

Jimbo said...

Thanks guys!! Sorry i lost your picture Natalie. And sorry i'm behind.. my pinky cut's limiting my work a bit. Probably shoulda got stitches instead of trying that super glue stuff.
watch though, i'll post more pictures as hooks get made... and maybe add more to the saga of Jimbo woo hoo you say?

Wendy said...

Nice Blog! Great looking hooks...I know I will order one in a few weeks from now.

Deneen said...

Beautiful hooks-I can't wait to order.

Are you going to post a price list for both kinds? I wanted a J hook in the metal and an N hook, as well as a wooden Q hook.

Another annoying question, are the heads of the hooks more inline like Bates or like Boye???

Jimbo said...

Hi Deneen... sorry i didn't get back sooner.. blogging's still kind of strange to me.
here's my price list:
$15 for wood hooks
$15 for wood/metal + any hook cost.
And the hooks are pretty much in line except if you like the boye taper on the sides, i could probably arrange that.
Did i get your grip style?? Can't seem to remember squat these days.

SilkyMist said...

Where do I order the wood hook Jimbo?

Jimbo said...

hi Silky. Cinchy. Just email me or send me a PM via Crochetville.
i suppose there's a good way to correspond directly here but i'm not clever enough to figure out how to put my email address in the blog without risking bad things Happening.
In general, the hooks start at $15 each, and i prefer to make J Bates or bigger. Anything bigger than a P will be $20 or more pluse a little postage.
Thanks Silky.

NJKatwoman said...

Are you no longer doing your contests, Jimbo? When my last computer went down, I lost you! But, finally I remembered your website! Hope all is well w/ you and yours!